Simple and flexible PHP MVC framework

Some features of the framework

Composer support

Any components of framework available via packagist

Modular structure

You can combine your favorite programming practices

Ready for PHP7+

This framework is compatible with new trends in programming

Multiple databases

You can work with any popular databases, not only SQL-like

And many other!

Let's get started

On GitHub you can find special demo project.

If you do not have composer utility, you need to read this instruction.

If you do not have bower, you need to install this via npm:

npm install -g bower

Warning: please don't use test php server in production

# For first we need clone the demo project
composer create-project drmvc/app my_project
cd my_project

# Now we need to install dependent files
bower update

# Let's run the php localhost server
cd public
php -S localhost:8000